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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your gemstones treated?

We also use naturally accepted treatments for emeralds, we use Cedar Oil which is common place and standard throughout the industry.  Our sapphires are heat treated. All gemstones are treated after being cut. We do not use any non-standard or synthetic treatments.

What appraising companies do you use?

We offer grading reports from EGL, GIA and other reputable labs. We only work with the most experienced industry recognized jewelers, cutters and laboratories.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes we have a 10 day return policy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your stones you can return them for your full money back.

What Shipping methods do you use?

We only use the best shipping methods and most secure payment methods. Such as Brinks, UPS, and others. We also have secured facilities globally.

Are your gemstones conflict free?

All of our gemstones are 100% conflict free.

What are calibrated sizes?

This means there are multiple gemstones in one parcel (or package) and they are all of the same size. For example you could have 10 emeralds in 1 parcel, each with the same size/dimensions like 10 stones sized at 6 by 4 millimeter or 7 by 5 millimeter.

What is a free size stone?

Most gemstones have different sizes, weights and shapes. If one gemstone does not match any other gemstones in our inventory they are referred to as a free sized stone (or individual gemstone). If we have 2 stones which are exactly the same they are put together into a parcel and sold together.

What gemstones shapes do you carry? 

The majority of the shapes we carry are Rounds, Ovals, Squares, Emeralds, Cushions and Hearts. We can also place custom orders for anything we do not have.

Where do we mine our emeralds? What are the origins?

Most of our emeralds are from Colombia, we also have emeralds from Zambia.

Where do we mine our sapphires? What are the origins?

Most of our sapphires are from Sri Lanka (otherwise known Ceylon).



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